I am an American MA student who will be studying  Old Nordic Religion in Iceland. The intention of this blog is to share my experiences in Iceland from the perspective of a foreign Ásatrúar, to share my spiritual and mundane experiences of Icelandic culture, and to pass on knowledge of the old religion of Northern Europe (and its modern revival) to others.


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  1. i find this blog v. interesting as i have had the dream experience myself and didn’t know about this shamanin dream-husband concept until 7 years later (aka up until last year). i’d be interested in discussing this with you via email or private message?

  2. Hello there, I am an American Heathen, whom has a history of studying metaphysics, and various forms of paganism. I really enjoy your thoughts on the structure of Ásatrú. I am co heading a kindred, and we have a similar view on a bit of the subjects you have touched on. Please email me back.

  3. I think that the religion has a need for reform, and it’s to a more organized, spiritually sound practice. I’ve pretty much dedicated my life to my college studies, and the uncovering and finding of the old Norse paths that have been lost. I plan on visiting Iceland when I can, for more spiritual studies. I think you have great insight, and would definitely love to discuss more.

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