A Saora Shamanin

I found this today. It reaffirmed what I have commonly found to be true of traditional god/spirit marriages in indigenous cultures: there is always a purpose, either to heal the self or help to serve the community.

A Forest Door

[Bringing this over from an old website. It’s an account of a spirit-marriage tradition that I thought might be interesting to those exploring godspousery and other types of relationships. It more closely mirrors my own experiences than many contemporary dynamics, in that one of the primary purposes is spiritual tutelage rather than it being more like a regular marriage with an invisible partner.]

A Saora Shamanin

from an account by Verrier Elwin, a British anthropologist who lived among the Saora people of India (1955),
as quoted in the book Shamans Through Time:

“Every shamanin [female shaman] is called to her sacred duties at about the time of puberty as a result of a remarkable dream-experience….which results in her “marriage” to a tutelary from the Under World. This spiritual marriage is not generally a bar to marriage on earth….and the girl usually marries a human husband after a few years. But…

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