Godphone Question


I was asked today if I had any advice for people who are seeking the elusive “god phone”. This basically means learning to hear gods and spirits on an internal level, i.e clairaudience. My response ended up being a novel, so I thought I’d just add it as a new post. I hope I don’t anger too many people with some of my opinions. This is just my way of doing things and my philosophy, and should hardly be taken as the end all guidebook.  I wish that I could describe a step-by-step process, but it’s always been kind of an intuitive thing for me ever since I was little. I’ll try to describe it as best I can.

I think one of the hardest things to do in learning to “hear” is learning how to shut down your own ego and expectations when listening. I think sometimes people can trick themselves into hearing or seeing certain things, because it’s what they expect to hear or want to hear. It takes practice to open up and just let things flow (and sometimes you don’t get an answer, and sometimes that is the answer).

The other thing I’ve had to do, is to get a more solid idea of what my own inner dialog sounds like, again, so you can learn to differentiate between what your voice sounds like, and what someone else’s voice sounds like. There is always the trap of influencing what you’d like to hear over what actually is being said to you. I find that god/spirit voices flow much more unpredictably than my own voice and often feel stronger or more intentional. Try to learn to trust your instincts and go with your first impression instead of second guessing yourself.

Also, don’t be afraid to question what you heard and put it to the test. You won’t be more impious for doing so, and the gods understand that our human interaction with them is complicated. I would recommend you do that A LOT in the beginning. If a god tells you something is going to happen and it doesn’t, or gives you advice that completely backfires and contradicts what they said, it could have been your own subconscious talking, not a god. And that’s ok, this stuff isn’t easy. You could even establish a test if you wanted to. It could be something as stupid as “Hey, Jupiter, I feel like what you had to tell me today was important. If I heard you correctly, could you give me a sign of seeing a white feather today?” Stupid example, but you get the point. And if you establish a sign, try to let go and not think about it all day (it doesn’t prove anything if you’re actively trying to make your sign come to pass!). And once you get your answer, stop asking the same question. That doesn’t annoy just humans. If you can figure out a way to plug in, in which you’re having a success rate, that will help you build confidence in what you’re hearing, and things will move more smoothly.

Also, I would suggest extreme caution for people that suffer from schizophrenia, MPD, or any similar diseases. There is nothing to say that those conditions and hearing spirits are always mutually exclusive, but if you are suffering from a condition like this I would be very careful to differentiate between voices and definitely have a solid “test-system” in tact before even attempting to try this.

I would also say this: If by following the advice, or listening to the words of what you think to be a spiritual being, you start to make horrible decisions that negatively effect your life, start separating from your human friends and family, or it similarly impacts your life and free will in a negative way, STOP LISTENING TO THEM. I am personally of the belief that if a being has your best intentions at heart, it wont rip apart your life to no purpose, and it will never fuck with your free will. I know that there is the concept of a “god slave” (I’m not one, so I can’t comment very deeply here), but I would imagine that it was even the choice of those individuals at one time to deny or accept the offer to become one. You may not be a “GOD” proper, but we all possess the divine spark and we all have the right to our free will. Sometimes you do have to stand up for your own free will, and just because you think a god told you to shove a cactus up your ass, it doesn’t mean you have to say, “Ok! How far?” Sometimes the spirits might just be checking to see how far they can push you before you’ll actually stand up for yourself.

It’s also important to remember that not everyone in the spirit world is automatically your friend. There are just as many assholes out there as there are down here. There may be beings out there who might just try to screw with you to see how far they can push you. I think that this is where having a patron God or Goddess should come in. Loki is my bouncer (I know, some of you reading this might think that’s a scary thought, but it’s true) and I have another patron who serves the same function. Since I am a pretty open person, I ask them to keep away beings that may not have my best interest at heart. If whatever is trying to talk to me doesn’t even get through security, we aren’t talking.

And never fall into the trap of believing that when people are talking about “hearing” gods, that we all hear them as clearly as if we were talking to a human being. I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’m still always second guessing myself. I’m totally floored every time I hear something correctly and what was said comes to pass, and I still ignore advice I should have listened to because I thought I was hearing them wrong, or think that I’m hearing them right and I’m misunderstanding the context. It’s never easy, but it gets better with practice.

And don’t feel bad if this is something you never master. Gods are NOT humans, and they talk to us in many more ways that just words. For some of us it comes in words, for some it comes in pictures, for some it comes in feelings, or even just experiencing nature. Life is the God’s language. Words are simply just one of the alphabets.


15 responses to “Godphone Question

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  2. Bouncer!Loki sounds hawt I refer to Himself as my schedule coordinator; if a spirit can’t be bothered to negotiate with Loki (and really, He’s so charming, why not sit down and chat with Him about your needs?) then I can’t be bothered to work with said spirit.

  3. I think the last paragraph there is very important. There is a preoccupation with *words* that can make one ignore the other “alphabets” as you call them: physical sensation, emotional resonance, imagery, a mix of all of the above. There’s such a treasure trove of “languages”, but no, we insist on words. Sometimes the communication goes so fast that there literally is no time for words…

  4. “There are just as many assholes out there as there are down here.”
    I just about snorted hot cocoa out of my nose. I agree with you whole heartedly. I’ve tried to explain to a couple of different people how I know the difference between me and “the god phone”. I kind of explained it like a “gong” going off in my head. It is just OTHER…not me. And sometimes it is way more subtle and I’m not as sure. I would like to think it is the most important things that I am definitely sure about, but…like so many other aspects of divine interaction, who knows?

  5. Bouncer…just another fitting Loki job description. He has had to turn away many a dubious spirit at the door to my club. As for hearing, I want to add that sometimes when He does come through in words, it’s been loud and over my own thoughts, enough to make me jump.and say “WOA!” Also, in certain trance and half asleep/awake states His voice is very clear and seperate from my own headvoice.. Otherwise, it’s like the stream of consciousness chatter mixed with my thoughts. I compare it to a ghostbox like they use on paranormal shows, where the evps come through the white noise. But otherwise, it’s strong presence/feelings projected, ideas that form over my own that urge me to do things until I get them done, and leaving signs like numbers, hearts, songs, literal signs and yes, sometimes feathers.

  6. Reblogged this on Tried by Fire and commented:
    Best logical, layman’s terms description I’ve read yet about the recently coined “godphone”. If you don’t have one, or if you’re connected by a shoestring with tin cans instead of high tech fiber optics, don’t worry. It’s not always about the words.

  7. I think too many people tend to put far too much focus on “hearing” things that they forget their other spiritual senses. For example I am almost completely deaf as far as hearing things from the other sides but my sight works just fine….Which is funny because I’m mostly blind as far as my physical sight goes.

  8. Reblogged this on Before Change, Comes Chaos. and commented:
    Yesterday I had someOne ring my Godphone that I wasn’t familiar with. I had a huge flail and kept hanging up but the bananaphone kept ringing and thenx she took up all my bandwidth causing a busy signal and I couldn’t get through to anyone.

    I got an explanation/lecture/lesson that my number isn’t given out to telemarketers so to speak. And He was sorry for just patching the call through without intros first.

    Thing is I’m so new to this that, I’m still kinda dismissing my experiences as “nobody will believe you” /bill murray

    I guess I need to trust The Brothers a bit better in screening calls. I just didn’t know they were. Now I do..

    I’m still at the Simple Dog (will edit to put up the pic) phase when anything Big happens…

  9. I like that testing is okay. In my chats with Sif , a couple of times I’ve said “really? Give me a sign”! And she came through big time. Minor example: I promised to get some yellow flowers for her. The next day, the first place I went, yellow and red mums were on sale for $2. Okay, that’s what she wanted.

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