Loki will be Loved.

Loki will be Loved..

My friend Tanisha’s article about Loki 🙂

I resonated with her description of Loki as a god who cares for people who have been abused. I would extend that to encompass people who have been placed out the outskirts of society for any reason.

I see a lot of people who have suffered hardships at the hands of others be picked up by Loki: People who have suffered abuse and been left on the outside of “normalcy”, people who suffer from mental or chronic illness that mark them as “other”; Gay and transexual people who go against the grain of what our gendered society expects from them; People who have suffered racial segregation and discrimination. Loki takes them in, seeing beauty in all of them. But he doesn’t coddle you and tell you he’ll make everything ok. Because he loves the being you are so much, he demands that you claim who you are, take responsibility for who that is instead of apologizing for it, and make it work for you. Another modern character that resonates with the Lokean mindset is Tyrion Lannister, especially his wise words: “Never forget who you are, for surely the world won’t. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

I think working with a god like Loki in his heightened aspect actually requires that you have a highly developed degree of empathy and compassion. To know that there are always two sides to every story; to know that just because someone has been broken doesn’t make them worthless; to know that because someone is different doesn’t make them wrong; to learn to love yourself, even when others insist you have no reason to; to learn to defend other’s rights to their own self-love. It requires a lot of compassion to allow people to be who they are and to find the value in that without trying to change them. That’s never an easy lesson, and I’ve struggled with it myself, but it’s one that Loki is very good at teaching.


7 responses to “Loki will be Loved.

  1. I hadn’t made that leap, but I agree with you. He is the Lord of the Outsiders, and once you’ve become an outsider, whatever the reason…you probably need a god desperately.

  2. Although I can see your point here, I think it is a rather further leap and almost refinement about Loki and Lokians that gets too pointed.
    Yes, Loki was an outsider, even among the outsiders, in the Norse pantheon. Half his children were the outsiders even further, yet some become part of the inner circle so to speak.
    I think you miss a point here about our good man. You don’t need a high level of empathy and compassion. If anything you need less. You need to be able to take the action required, regardless of consequence and fallout. You have to be able to take that consequence and make good of it.
    Empathy and compassion be damned. A high social jsutice, awareness and preparedness to act, either in words or deed but I think a high empathy and compassion is actually a wayward assessment (purely IMNSHO).

    Same too with your comment about Loki being a god for the abused and those on the outskirts of society. In a way but purely by dint of circumstance. Loki remained there. He did not actually attempt to join society. The abused and out-landers can perhaps take inspiration from him but I would in no way consider him a god of… in the patron like sense.
    It is my experience, that our dear father and siblings care less about who you are and where you sit on a scale of social placement but in what you do and how you conduct yourself. He will advantage, and teach harsh lesson and ridicule without concern if that is what is required. You can sleep in a gutter or under an ornate “thatch roof” he will take you for no more or less than who you are inside.

    Admittedly these are my experience and assessment on Loki and kin. As expressed above, InMyNotSoHumbleOpinion.

    Lokir Leika-vllr

    • “You need to be able to take the action required, regardless of consequence and fallout. ”
      I would argue that having to do something hard because it’s what needs to be done, even if it makes you look like the bad guy, requires a lot of compassion. It requires putting the betterment of the world over your own self-interest. Of course, Loki himself is a very multi-faceted person, and the minute you try to say he is or isn’t one way, he does something to prove you wrong! I’m sure that’s why the Gods have so many heiti and kennings: because they all have their different “flavors”. It reminds me of the different paths of Orisa an initiates might receive. This is simply how my “flavor” of Loki resonates.

  3. For myself, I can see people who have outsider status or have been abused identifying with his story, but to me, I see Freya as the patron specifically of the sexually abused. That is the sacred wound that opens our minds to hear the long call she sends to everyone, just as blindness or half-sight opens one to Odin. Having compassion for Loki does not make Loki one’s patron; if anyone, that would be Sigyn. Loki is so complicated that he makes a great character to tell a story about, and has so many aspects one can find almost anything one wants.

  4. This is a great entry and resonates with me well. As someone who did find myself completely on the fringes of everything, (addiction, bankruptcy, ruin, homeless, on the streets,) Loki has been a great Savior for me. He has made me strong, has made me face all phobias and made me a much better person.

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