The Guardian of the Graveyard

My wife’s retelling of our visit to the graveyard in Reykjavik 🙂

Heart Trinkets

Last week I was feeling restless and needing to get out of the house to take some more pictures to add to my collection of photos in Iceland. My husband and I decided to visit one of Reykjavik’s most interesting historical places, the cemetery at Hólavallagarður. Considering it’s October and usually I make a trip during this time of year to pay my respects to the dead, either family or not I was curious to see what the graveyard here was like. One of our friends, a native Icelander had told us, “it is a very beautiful graveyard with many older headstones .” She had said little else regarding it so I didn’t know very much about it at the time we went to visit.  We took a short bus trip from the center on number twelve and got off just a little past the entrance to the site. We left a…

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